Booking terms and conditions


We reserve the right to change our prices without further notice when circumstances beyond our control occur, i.e. increased wages, taxes and charges, changes in exchange rates and devaluation.

We reserve the right to cancel tours if circumstances which we have no control over occur – for example extreme weather or driving conditions, war or state of war, nature catastrophes, epidemics, industrial disputes and similar (force majeure).

In order to give our passengers the best experience possible and for security reasons, we reserve the right to make adjustments in the parts of the itinerary that we are responsible for.

Price specifications - payment

The tour offer includes a price for the tour, with an exact description of what is included in the price. Driving and rest time for the driver must be adapted and performed in accordance with Norwegian law.

If during the tour the customer requires services in addition to those previously agreed to and confirmed by us, an invoice for the additional services will be issued. Unplanned delays due to circumstances beyond our control, high level of administration and a large amount of changes made by the client at short notice will cause an additional fee.

The total credit period is 10 days from date of invoice. Fees and interest rates set by The Norwegian Ministry of Finance will apply if payment is not received on time. We reserve the right to charge a deposit or full payment in advance. Any complaints must be sent to us by mail or e-mail within 10 days after the trip is completed.

Cancellation fee

Cancellation may result in a cancellation fee, depending on how long before the cancellation is notified:

  • No fee for cancellation 30 days or more before start/departure.
  • 50% cancellation fee for cancellation 15-29 days before start/departure.
  • 100% cancellation fee for cancellation 0-14 days before start/departure.

If some of our subcontractors and associates require other terms of cancellation to be met in addition to ours, we will inform about these.

Responsibility for damage

The customer is responsible for any damage or compensation claims sustained by Arctic Buss Lofoten if this is a result of negligence or intentional behaviors of the group's members. Please respect that alcoholic beverages are not allowed in our vehicles.

Norwegian Travel Guarantee Fund

Arctic Buss Lofoten has provided a guarantee in accordance with Norwegian law. Please, visit Reisegarantifondet for more information.

Emergency telephone

Emergency telephone service: +47 926 99 060 (text message is not available).

Arctic Buss Lofoten

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