The Hålogaland bridge is the second longest suspension bridge in Norway.

Built by Statens Vegvesen (the Norwegian public road administration) this bridge just across Rombak has made E6 about 18 kilometers shorter, and the travel time to and from Narvik towards Vesterålen / Lofoten and Tromsø is reduced by 15-20 minutes. Toll fee is charged when passing Leirvik, between Bjerkvik and Narvik.

The project includes:

Hålogaland bridge 1533 meters
Construction of 1.4 km road (Narvik)
Ornestunnelen of 270 meters (Narvik)
Construction of 3.5 km road (Øyjorda)
Storlikoll tunnel 330 meters (Øyjorda)
Trældal tunnel at 1.1 km

October 2015, Source:


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