In the pleasant town of Harstad, you will discover a rich array of culture and nature-based experiences.

The town of Harstad enjoys a beautiful and strategic location on Norway's largest island Hinnøya with close proximity to Lofoten to the west, Narvik to the east, Tromsø to the north and Bodø to the south.

Harstad is a mix of old and contemporary architecture which, in combination with the town's many cafés and restaurants, provide a good atmosphere. In the last week of June, Harstad hosts the annual Festival of Northern Norway, a fantastic cultural celebration featuring a mix of amateur and professional artists.

The area surrounding Harstad is exciting. Kvæfjord with its world famous strawberries and the Viking island of Bjarkøy with 523 islets and rocks.

The area around the region's airport, Harstad/Narvik Airport Evenes, offers fantastic hiking options, white sandy beaches and beautiful fjords. You will also find old Sami settlements and a cultural heritage dating back several thousand years.

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